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North American Premium Matsutake



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(H33) 8oz + 1 sudachi

Welcome the fall season with matsutake, the highly coveted mushrooms harvested from the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy the spicy and fragrant aroma of these exquisite ivory-colored mushrooms now with sudachi lime.

Origin: North America

H33: 8oz / 227g   + 1 Sudachi
H44: 12oz / 340g + 1 Sudachi
H55: 16oz / 454g + 2 Sudachi
New! H66: 24oz / 681g + 3 Sudachi

Estimated Delivery: October to December

【Please read】

* Baskets are not included in domestic matsutake orders.
* Matsutake cannot be shipped to the outer islands of Hawaii or Alaska.
* We will ship your orders based on the best quality of matsutake available, so we will not be able to guarantee specific delivery dates. We will expedite each order with our utmost promptness and within the shipment period.

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