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Premium Unagi Kabayaki from Japan



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4 Set (BB581)

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Unagi is considered the pinnacle of summer meals in Japan, and has gained worldwide popularity for its delicious flavor and many health benefits. Unagi has been considered a “power food” to build stamina against the summer heat since the Edo period. They are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, calcium, and many other nutrients, as well as being low in mercury levels.

Our unagi comes from Miyazaki Prefecture where it must meet five quality standards including superior texture and taste. The unagi is then grilled and steamed over charcoal to remove any excess oil and to increase its tenderness.

Our unagi is complimented with sansho, a zesty Japanese pepper with a citrus note. 

Serve over rice for a delectable summer dish.

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BB581: Approx. 200g/7oz x 4,  Sansho x 4
BB583: Approx. 200g/7oz x 6,  Sansho x 6


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