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Limited Time

California Honeydew Melon


Oritz Price:$53.00
Android 2.1

One of our best sellers of the season!! Don't miss this limited time offer for the sweetest succulent Honeydew Melons from California!  Content:... More 

Fruit Club


Oritz Price:$410.00

Convenient great deal! If you would like to send fruits gift when they are the best! I forgot to order and the seasonal fruits are all out... If you are one... More 

Gold Kiwi

CODE: P116

Oritz Price:$54.00

Gold kiwis distinguish themselves from common kiwis in color and flavor. They have a beautiful golden flesh which is sweet and tropical. This fruit is full... More 

Honeydew Melon Premium Set (Avail Aug-Sept)

CODE: P106

Oritz Price:$75.00

We are proud to say that this fruit set will be enjoyed by any fruits lovers for sure!            ... More 

Premium Navel Oranges (LL size)


Oritz Price:$50.00

*Seasonal Item* Our Premium Navel Oranges from California are extra large and extremely sweet. These sunny fruits are packed with vitamin C and easy... More 

California Long Stem Strawberries


Oritz Price:$109.00

These plump Long Stem Strawberries are perfect to eat on its own, or to dip in chocolate! Only the freshest strawberries are air-shipped to Japan directly... More 

Honeydew Melon & Premium Pineapple

CODE: P188

Oritz Price:$59.00
Android 2.1

  Content: P188: Honeydew Melon & Pineapple (Size S) P189: Honeydew Melon & Pineapple (Size L) Available to ship: August... More 

Limited Time! Assortment Summer Jelly Set

CODE: Q261

Oritz Price:$59.00

Limited time gift for Ochugen season! Send this beautiful jelly set with adorable designs. Perfect snack that will help beat the hot summers in Japan!... More 

Kiwi Berry (Available September-October)

CODE: P185

Oritz Price:$65.00
Android 2.1

Origin: USA Content: P185:125g / 4.4oz  x 6 pack P186: 125g / 4.4oz x 12pack   Available to ship: September -... More 

NEW! Honeydew Melon & Navel Oranges


Oritz Price:$66.00
Android 2.1

  This combination set includes two of our best sellers: Honeydew and Oranges.  It makes the perfect summer gift to send! Contents: 1... More 

Green Kiwi

CODE: P160

Oritz Price:$52.00

The small kiwi fruit stores a treasure of nutritional surprises and health benefits. It is one of most Vitamin C packed fruits around. It is also an... More 

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