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Limited Time

Apple Mango

CODE: P138

Oritz Price:$69.00

*Seasonal Item* Our delicious apple mangos are juicy and sweet. We harvest them from different location provide you with the best available items in... More 

Gold Kiwi

CODE: P116

Oritz Price:$54.00

Gold kiwis distinguish themselves from common kiwis in color and flavor. They have a beautiful golden flesh which is sweet and tropical. This fruit is full... More 

【Delivery In Season】 Lychee

CODE: P103

Oritz Price:$59.00

Lychee is known as the fruit that Yoki princess loved so much. Enjoy its sweetness and fragrant. Content: 40-50 pcs (2.2lb) Available to ship... More 

Honeydew Melon & Premium Pineapple

CODE: P188

Oritz Price:$59.00
Android 2.1

  Content: P188: Honeydew Melon & Pineapple (Size S) P189: Honeydew Melon & Pineapple (Size L) Available to ship: August... More 

Kiwi Berry (Available September-October)

CODE: P185

Oritz Price:$65.00
Android 2.1

Origin: USA Content: P185:125g / 4.4oz  x 6 pack P186: 125g / 4.4oz x 12pack   Available to ship: September -... More 

California Honeydew Melon


Oritz Price:$53.00
Android 2.1

One of our best sellers of the season!! Don't miss this limited time offer for the sweetest succulent Honeydew Melons from California!  Content:... More 

Premium Navel Oranges (LL size)


Oritz Price:$50.00

*Seasonal Item* Our Premium Navel Oranges from California are extra large and extremely sweet. These sunny fruits are packed with vitamin C and easy... More 

California Long Stem Strawberries


Oritz Price:$69.00

These plump Long Stem Strawberries are perfect to eat on its own, or to dip in chocolate! Only the freshest strawberries are air-shipped to Japan directly... More 

Fruit Club


Oritz Price:$410.00

Convenient great deal! If you would like to send fruits gift when they are the best! I forgot to order and the seasonal fruits are all out... If you are one... More 

Limited Time! Assortment Summer Jelly Set

CODE: Q261

Oritz Price:$59.00

Limited time gift for Ochugen season! Send this beautiful jelly set with adorable designs. Perfect snack that will help beat the hot summers in Japan!... More 

Valencia Oranges (Size LL)


Oritz Price:$52.00

Premium Size of Oranges!! (California) Valencia oranges are the ones that come out to market transitioning from spring to summer season. Navel has... More 

Honeydew Melon Premium Set (Avail Aug-Sept)

CODE: P106

Oritz Price:$75.00

We are proud to say that this fruit set will be enjoyed by any fruits lovers for sure!            ... More 

Oritz Gift Summer Catalog 2020