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Unbaked Cheesecake (Q196)

CODE: Q196

Oritz Price:$65.00

  Rich and creamy, unbaked cheesecake. Instead of using a sponge cake this cake has a buttery, delicious pound cake material which allows for a moist... More 

Apple Tart (Q222)

CODE: Q222

Oritz Price:$65.00

  A classic and traditional spin on Apple Tart. Perfect to serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Who wouldn't love this?! Perfect gift for... More 

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream (Q189)

CODE: Q189

Oritz Price:$95.00

  This is a perfect gift for those ice-cream lovers! A Special Variety Pack of Quality Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream. Contents:    ... More 

Crown Melon & Jelly Set (P122)

CODE: P122

Oritz Price:$95.00

The Crown melon known as the "King of Fruits" in Japan.  It is a rarity, where only one melon can be grown on each tree. Delicately grown, the title... More 

Maple Leaf Chocolate (Q98-Q100)

CODE: Q98_Q100

Oritz Price:$62.00

  Cute little shapes of maple leaf and finest pure maple syrup is blended into velvety milk chocolate!! Put one piece in your mouth, the rich and... More 

Baumkuchen Set (Q192)

CODE: Q192

Oritz Price:$59.00

A pretty Baumkuchen set carefully baked by artisan bakers. This set includes your traditional Bamkuchen along with numerous fruit flavors.  ... More 

Chocolate Tart (Q221)

CODE: Q221

Oritz Price:$65.00

  French produced chocolate tart that has a delicious deep dark chocolate filling. Adding whip cream or vanilla ice creams completes this decadent... More 

New York Cheesecake Cappuccino (Q167)

CODE: Q167

Oritz Price:$68.00

  A delicious New York Cheese Cake with a creamy cappuccino center. These are pre-cut into 14 pieces, a great gift for a family or a treat for a... More 

New York Cheesecake (Q151)

CODE: Q151

Oritz Price:$68.00

  Delicious creamy and rich New York Cheese Cake with a crumbly graham cracker crust that's perfectly matched.  These are pre-cut into 14... More 

Maple Gift Set: Maple Jelly, Maple Spread, Maple Sugar (Q224)

CODE: Q224

Oritz Price:$47.00

  Our Maple Gift Set is 100% pure, natural Canadian maple set! The 3 piece set comes with Maple Jelly, Maple Spread and Maple Sugar. ... More 

New York Cheesecake Set (Q168)

CODE: Q168

Oritz Price:$110.00

  One New York Cheesecake & One New York Cheesecake Cappuccino set. These are pre-cut into 14 pieces so ready to enjoy. A great gift for a... More 

Cappucino Cheesecake & Mango Set (Q135)

CODE: Q135

Oritz Price:$85.00

  New York Cheese Cake with a creamy cappuccino center. It has a velvety texture and just enough richness that blends all the flavors together.... More 

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