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Fruit Club


Oritz Price:$410.00

Convenient great deal! If you would like to send fruits gift when they are the best! I forgot to order and the seasonal fruits are all out... If you are one... More 

Fruit Deluxe


Oritz Price:$137.00

Can't decide what to send? Try our all-star sampler! As it is named, this fruits gift makes you feel like you are in Paradise!! At any occasions, this... More 

Melon & Flower Arrangement


Oritz Price:$105.00

High-class fancy melon and beautiful flower basket combination makes an excellent gift to your special ones for any occasions. This Muskmelon is known as... More 

Fruit Variety Set


Oritz Price:$102.00

Super elegant fruits gift box that can be sent for any occasions. With plenty of Oranges and Grapefuits, these fruits contains so much vitamins. A healthy... More 

Crown Melon & Jelly Set

CODE: P122

Oritz Price:$99.00

Also called  the "King of Fruits" in Japan, the crown melon is g rown with meticulous care and attention,  where only a single melon is grown... More 

NEW! Fruits and Nuts Set


Oritz Price:$85.00

This set is a fruit-lover's dream filled with tropical fruits and delicious nuts that will brighten anybody's kitchen. This makes the perfect gift for... More 

Hawaiian Papaya (L size)

CODE: P75_P76

Oritz Price:$79.00

Our Hawaiian Papaya has a pleasing aroma and hearty sweetness and will arrive ripe and yellow. Serve with a sprinkle of lemon juice to enhance its flavor.... More 

Honeydew Melon Premium Set (Avail Aug-Sept)

CODE: P106

Oritz Price:$75.00

We are proud to say that this fruit set will be enjoyed by any fruits lovers for sure!            ... More 

Tropical Variety Set


Oritz Price:$74.00

This set is a fruit-lover's dream filled with oranges, grapefruits and tropical fruits that will brighten anybody's kitchen. This makes the perfect gift... More 

Apple Mango

CODE: P138_P139

Oritz Price:$69.00

*Seasonal Item* Our delicious apple mangos are juicy and sweet. We harvest them from different location provide you with the best available items in... More 

California Long Stem Strawberries


Oritz Price:$69.00

These plump Long Stem Strawberries are perfect to eat on its own, or to dip in chocolate! Only the freshest strawberries are air-shipped to Japan directly... More 

NEW! Honeydew Melon & Navel Oranges


Oritz Price:$66.00
Android 2.1

  This combination set includes two of our best sellers: Honeydew and Oranges.  It makes the perfect summer gift to send! Contents: 1... More 

Oritz Gift Summer Catalog 2020