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Tropical Variety Set


$72.00   Oritz Price:$68.40

It's a fruit-lover's dream filled with Oranges, Grapefruits and Tropical fruits! Smaller portion and variety of fruits are combined to please your loved... More 

Thai Mango

CODE: P120

$84.00   Oritz Price:$79.80

It's smooth and sweet, and more than what you expected. Country of Origin: Thailand Contents: P120(5-6pcs) More 

Sweetie Set


$62.00   Oritz Price:$58.90

*Seasonal Item* Perfect set for the citrus lovers out there. Content:   V40 (Sweetie 3pcs, Oranges 6pcs, Grapefruit 3pcs)... More 

Sweet White Grapefruits

CODE: P170,P171,P172

$70.00   Oritz Price:$66.50

*Seasonal Item* Loved for its sweet-tart balance and intense, vibrant aroma. Country of Origin: Florida, United States Content:  ... More 

Ruby Grapefruits (L size)

CODE: P06_P09

$47.00   Oritz Price:$44.65

◆ Ruby Grapefruits from California are now available!! --> The name came from its pulps, shiny pink like Rubies! If you think... More 

Royal Navel Oranges

CODE: V13_V16

$51.00   Oritz Price:$48.45

*Seasonal Item* Estimate Delivery: From Late January till Mid April The best navel orange during this season!! Our citrus experts carefully... More 

Premium Oro Blanco Special Set

CODE: P84_P85

$59.00   Oritz Price:$56.05

*Seasonal Item* Enjoy our sweet Oro Blanco, juicy orange and perfect Grapefruit. Contents:  P84: Oro Blanco x 3pcs, Orange x 6pcs,... More 

Premium Navel Oranges (LL size)

CODE: P86_P88

$57.00   Oritz Price:$54.15

*Seasonal Item* Sweet and juicy jumbo oranges are the pride of California! Country of Origin : California, United States Contents :... More 

Premium Navel Oranges & Premium Grapefruits (LL size)

CODE: P93_P94

$59.00   Oritz Price:$56.05

*Seasonal Item* Premium combination of Oranges & Grapefruits is here in JUMBO size, bigger than our large size!! This is the citrus set that you... More 

Premium Grapefruits (LL size)

CODE: P89_P91

$69.00   Oritz Price:$65.55

*Seasonal Item* What we proudly present fruits, Ruby Grapefruits comes in Jumbo size around this season!! Regular size grapefruits are big already,... More 

Premium Avocado


$69.00   Oritz Price:$65.55

These premium avocados are rich, creamy, and super velvety. Delicious on their own or adding them to salads or making avocado toasts. These buttery... More 

Oro Blanco & Navel Set

CODE: P113_P133

$57.00   Oritz Price:$54.15

*Seasonal Item* We harvest both the Oro Blonco and Naval orange at its sweetest to bring to you this set. Delverywill be between early December... More 

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