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Seasoned Kazunoko on Kelp

CODE: D206

Oritz Price:$135.00

Delicious premium kazunoko from Japan’s best kazunoko brand “Yamani” Seasoned kazunoko on kelp is a Japanese delicacy. Yamani... More 

Premium Shio Kazunoko

CODE: D200

Oritz Price:$117.00

Delicious premium kazunoko from Japan’s best kazunoko brand “Yamani” Yamani’s kazunoko from Canada and America is carefully... More 

Lobster Tails


Oritz Price:$137.00

Lobsters caught on the East Coast of Canada have their tails are chopped off right after being caught, while they are still alive. Flash freezing... More 

Smoked Salmon & Herring Roe on Kelp Set


Oritz Price:$92.00

A striking combination of favorite delicacies which complement each other. This would be the perfect gift to send to someone important for you.... More 

Tarako (Cod Roe)

CODE: D103

Oritz Price:$65.00

This North American cod roe is deliciously seasoned, it's just like you are having fresh tarako in Japan! Contents: Approx. 500g / 1.1lbs.... More 

Seasoned Kazunoko

CODE: D202

Oritz Price:$99.00

Delicious premium kazunoko from Japan’s best kazunoko brand “Yamani” Kazunoko is a popular and delicious New Year's delicacy in... More 

Sliced Black Cod Marinated in Koji


Oritz Price:$86.00

Delicious sliced Black Cod that is buttery and rich. Enjoy this wonderful fish over rice! Origin :Canada Contents : 100g (3.5oz) x 5... More 

King Crab Legs


Oritz Price:$172.00

The long and thick legs are meaty and it will surely satisfy your appetite with juicy and flavorful crabmeat. They are boiled and frosted at a local... More 

King & Snow Crab Leg Meat Set


Oritz Price:$159.00

Both Snow Crab and King Crab are very popular, and their shell is pre-removed so that you can just have a huge bit of those delicious sweet crab meat!!... More 

Seasoned Kazunoko and Seasoned Kazunoko on Kelp Set

CODE: D220

Oritz Price:$125.00

Delicious premium kazunoko from Japan’s best kazunoko brand “Yamani” Seasoned Kazunoko Delicious premium flavored... More 

Live Homard Lobster & Smoked Salmon Set


Oritz Price:$204.00

DELICIOUS SEAFOOD COMBINATION!!  Treat your friend or loved one with this gorgeous array of seafood. Origin: Canada Content: Lobster =... More 

Jumbo Botan Shrimps


Oritz Price:$117.00

Compare to Sweet Shrimp, Botan Shrimp is much bigger and has a sweeter, rich, and firm meat texture. They come frozen, so you can enjoy at home with... More 

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