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Seasoned Kazunoko and Seasoned Kazunoko on Kelp Set

CODE: D220

Oritz Price:$129.00

Delicious premium kazunoko from Japan’s best kazunoko brand “Yamani” Seasoned Kazunoko Delicious premium flavored... More 

Sweet Shrimp

CODE: D17_D18

Oritz Price:$60.00

Sweet Shrimp is highly valued for its very sweet flavors and firm texture. Please enjoy our delicious, melt in your mouth Sweet Shrimp. Origin:  ... More 

Kazunoko Trio

CODE: D230

Oritz Price:$159.00

Normal 0 0 2 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE... More 

Seafood Assortment


Oritz Price:$174.00

Enjoy a full assortment of Japanese delicacies from the sea. Included are Salmon Tokishirazu, Scallops, Capelin, Button Shrimp, and Hidaka Kelp. Even in... More 

Smoked Salmon & Salmon Caviar Set


Oritz Price:$94.00

Try our bestseller, the combination of very popular Smoked Salmon and very gorgeous rich Salmon Caviar. Nothing else can beat this set of luxury gourmet.... More 

Seasoning herring roe & Rouge smoked salmon set

CODE: D100

Oritz Price:$66.00

A popular Luxury Set of Seasoned herring roe and Rogue Smoked Salmon Slices. ◆ Rogue Smoked Salmon Slices Smoked with Maple Chips and Rock Salt. ◆... More 

Salmon Deluxe


Oritz Price:$103.00

This set is perfect for our salmon lovers. We carefully select the best quality salmon which is caught during the Autumn season and created this ideal gift.... More 

Whole Salted Sockeye Salmon


Oritz Price:$161.00

This wild salmon from Canada is salted with natural rock salt! Perfect grilling, poaching and sautéing. -IT also makes a great gift! Origin:... More 

Boiled Lobster

CODE: D93_D94

Oritz Price:$92.00

Our fresh lobster is boied to perfection to contain the delicious flavor. Origin: Canada Contents:  1 Lobster = Approx.  350g  / 12... More 

Jumbo Botan Shrimp


Oritz Price:$102.00

Compare to Sweet Shrimp, Botan Shrimp is much bigger and has a sweeter, rich, and firm meat texture. They come frozen, so you can enjoy at home with... More 

Hiroshima Fried Oyster


Oritz Price:$51.00

Large Oysters taken in Hiroshima Bay, it has condensed the umami in rapid freezing Nitsuke bread crumbs. Comes in packs of eight and are ready to fry.... More 

Sliced Salted Salmon


Oritz Price:$112.00

A delicious" Aramaki salmon " finished in a vacuum pack one piece Country of Origin Japan (Hokkaido) Contents 3.5 oz. x 12 pkgs.... More 

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