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Kazunoko Trio

CODE: D230

Oritz Price:$152.00

Normal 0 0 2 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE... More 

Whole Salted Sockeye Salmon


Oritz Price:$161.00

This wild salmon from Canada is salted with natural rock salt! Perfect grilling, poaching and sautéing. -IT also makes a great gift! Origin:... More 

Boiled Lobster

CODE: D93_D94

Oritz Price:$94.00

Our fresh lobster is boied to perfection to contain the delicious flavor. Origin: Canada Contents:  1 Lobster = Approx.  350g  / 12... More 

Seasoning Herring Roe & Rouge Smoked Salmon Set

CODE: D100

Oritz Price:$80.00

A popular Luxury Set of Seasoned herring roe and Rogue Smoked Salmon Slices. ◆ Rogue Smoked Salmon Slices Smoked with Maple Chips and Rock Salt. ◆... More 

Snow Crab Claw & Sweet Shrimp Set


Oritz Price:$144.00

Here is the long lasting bestseller!! Sweet Shrimp is so rich, melt-in-moouth, and has firm meat. Crab Claw, the most meaty part of crab, is quick-freezed... More 

Scallops & Sweet Shrimps


Oritz Price:$129.00

A gourmet set of Large Scallops from Hokkaido, which you can slice to the thickness of your preference, and  Sweet Shrimp, which is highly valued... More 

Premium Fresh Uni

CODE: D150

Oritz Price:$147.00

Premium fresh Uni are caught wild in Santa Barbara, California. Its creaminess and natural sweet taste are irresistible for Uni lovers. Freshness is... More 

Premium Fresh Uni & Uni Shutou Set

CODE: D152

Oritz Price:$135.00

Premium fresh Uni are caught wild in Santa Barbara, California and Uni Shutou set. Normal 0... More 

NEW! Hokkaido Seafood Set


Oritz Price:$162.00

From salmon to scallops to caviar, we've assorted seven kinds of delicious seafood products into a deluxe set. It will make a truly unforgettable gift for... More 

Uni Shutou Set

CODE: D154

Oritz Price:$120.00

Uni Shutou Set. 2 original and 1 Ika (squid) Shutou which are marinated overnight with special kelp-based soy sauce.  Enjoy with steamed rice and... More 

New! Ikura & Kazunoko Combination Set

CODE: D235

Oritz Price:$129.00

This gourmet fish roe set makes a unique and thoughtful gift! Kazunoko is a popular and delicious delicacy in Japan.  Enjoy the elegant flavor of... More 

New! Ikura & Kazunoko & Kazunoko Kelp Combination Set

CODE: D237

Oritz Price:$152.00

This gourmet fish roe trio of kazunoko, kazunoko kelp and Hokkaido ikura makes a unique and thoughtful gift. Enjoy the elegant flavor of shiro-soy... More 

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