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Wild Sockeye Sliced Smoked Salmon Fillet


Oritz Price:$119.00

Our wild salmon from Canada is smoked to perfection and remains extremely moist and flavorful with the rich aroma of maple leaves and rock salt. The salmon... More 

Wild Smoked Salmon

CODE: D53,D54,D57

Oritz Price:$92.00

Our top-grade fresh salmon has been smoked to perfection. It pairs well with sake or can be served marinated, in a sandwich, or even in chirashi zushi.... More 

Whole Salted Sockeye Salmon


Oritz Price:$161.00

This wild salmon from Canada is salted with natural rock salt! Perfect grilling, poaching and sautéing. -IT also makes a great gift! Origin:... More 

Uni Shutou Set

CODE: D154

Oritz Price:$120.00

Uni Shutou Set. 2 original and 1 Ika (squid) Shutou which are marinated overnight with special kelp-based soy sauce.  Enjoy with steamed rice and... More 

Tarako (Cod Roe)

CODE: D103

Oritz Price:$65.00

This North American cod roe is deliciously seasoned, it's just like you are having fresh tarako in Japan! Contents: Approx. 500g / 1.1lbs.... More 

Sockeye Smoked Salmon, Jamon, & Flavored Salmon Caviar

CODE: D104

Oritz Price:$105.00

Three delicious items of sliced smoked salmon, prosciutto and Salmon caviar which is lightly seasoned with soy sauce. Perfect for social gatherings or to... More 

Snow Crabs

CODE: D14_D15

Oritz Price:$110.00

We only pick the premium crabs from Nova Scotia's famous large crabs, which are widely known for their succulent & delicious crabs. To keep its... More 

Snow Crab Claws


Oritz Price:$138.00

This Snow Crab is from Russia and only claws which are the most meaty part of crab are packed! Boiled and cracked its shell and then quick-freeze, so it is... More 

Snow Crab Claw & Sweet Shrimp Set


Oritz Price:$144.00

Here is the long lasting bestseller!! Sweet Shrimp is so rich, melt-in-moouth, and has firm meat. Crab Claw, the most meaty part of crab, is quick-freezed... More 

Smoked Salmon & Herring Roe on Kelp Set


Oritz Price:$92.00

A striking combination of favorite delicacies which complement each other. This would be the perfect gift to send to someone important for you.... More 

Sliced Black Cod Marinated in Koji


Oritz Price:$86.00

Delicious sliced Black Cod that is buttery and rich. Enjoy this wonderful fish over rice! Origin :Canada Contents : 100g (3.5oz) x 5... More 

Seasoning Herring Roe & Rouge Smoked Salmon Set

CODE: D100

Oritz Price:$80.00

A popular Luxury Set of Seasoned herring roe and Rogue Smoked Salmon Slices. ◆ Rogue Smoked Salmon Slices Smoked with Maple Chips and Rock Salt. ◆... More 

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