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New Arrivals

Patisserie Lubens Cheesecake


Oritz Price:$59.00

This heavenly cheesecake by Patisserie Lubens has a superb fluffy texture and an unforgettable taste that will melt in your mouth. It was baked at four... More 

Freshly Made Nuts Set

CODE: Q163

Oritz Price:$82.00

These artisan nuts are hand-roasted and hand-fried only after we receive your order, making them a wonderfully delicious gourmet snack. Once you have... More 

Smoked Bacon, Smoked Ham & Prosciutto Set

CODE: G160

Oritz Price:$65.00

  We’ve assembled together some of our most popular products in this generous set. Perfect for parties, it will delight anybody who... More 

Dried Fruit Mix

CODE: P180_P181

Oritz Price:$65.00
Android 2.1

Origin: USA Content: P180: (Fig 4.5oz, Apricot 3.5oz, Prunes 5.2oz) x 1 set P181: ( Fig 4.5oz, Apricot 3.5oz, Prunes 5.2oz) x 2 sets... More 

Smoked Bacon & Wasabi Set

CODE: G161

Oritz Price:$65.00

This delicious and smoky bacon set is extremely popular and perfectly complemented by a Japanese wasabi paste. Serve the bacon with this highly textured... More 

NEW! Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon


Oritz Price:$165.00

"The most important thing in winemaking is balance; from the technical aspect it is the strength of the triangle: balance of art, farming and science to... More 

Premium Fresh Uni

CODE: D150

Oritz Price:$147.00

Premium fresh Uni are caught wild in Santa Barbara, California. Its creaminess and natural sweet taste are irresistible for Uni lovers. Freshness is... More 

Premium Fresh Uni & Uni Shutou Set

CODE: D152

Oritz Price:$135.00

Premium fresh Uni are caught wild in Santa Barbara, California and Uni Shutou set. Normal 0... More 

Uni Shutou Set

CODE: D154

Oritz Price:$120.00

Uni Shutou Set. 2 original and 1 Ika(squid) Shutou which are marinated overnight with special kelp-based soy sauce.  Enjoy with steamed rice and... More 

KAMANARIYA Italian Gelato


Oritz Price:$69.00

  Confectionary “Kamanariya” brings to you their best milk, strawberry, and matcha gelatos from Uji, Kyoto.  Country of Origin... More 

100% Fruit Juice


Oritz Price:$84.00

A variety of 100% freshly squeezed fruit juice is a delicious and delightful gift for any family. Origin:  Japan Contents:  ... More 

NEW! Tulip Arrangement

CODE: U131

Oritz Price:$112.00

*Seasonal Item* A beautiful spring flower that exudes beauty and happiness wherever it's placed. This selection of spring flowers is perfect for... More 

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