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New Arrivals

Fresh American Blueberries


Oritz Price:$59.00

Our fresh blueberries are packed with health benefits.They have been shown to protect against heart disease and cancer, and can also help maintain bone... More 

Limited Time! Assortment Summer Jelly Set

CODE: Q261

Oritz Price:$62.00

Limited time gift for Ochugen season! Send this beautiful jelly set with adorable designs. Perfect snack that will help beat the hot summers in Japan!... More 

Gift Box Arrangement

CODE: U161

Oritz Price:$70.00

  *We will add a card with your order for FREE! Just simpl y enter your personal message and we will attach a card. Content :  H... More 

Australian Beef Jerky Sticks

CODE: Q275

Oritz Price:$65.00

Origin: Australia Contents:      Teriyaki: 2.6oz x 2 Black Pepper: 2.6oz x 2 Best before:... More 

Dried Fruit Mix

CODE: P180

Oritz Price:$65.00
Android 2.1

Origin: USA Content: P180: (Fig 4.5oz, Apricot 3.5oz, Prunes 5.2oz) x 1 set P181: ( Fig 4.5oz, Apricot 3.5oz, Prunes 5.2oz) x 2 sets... More 

Teddy Bear Arrangement

CODE: U160

Oritz Price:$78.00

  *We will add a beautiful card with your order for FREE! Just simpl y enter your personal message and we will attach a card. Content :... More 

Honeydew Melon & Pineapple

CODE: P189

Oritz Price:$59.00
Android 2.1

  Content: P188: Honeydew Melon & Pineapple (Size S) P189: Honeydew Melon & Pineapple (Size L) Available to ship: August... More 



Oritz Price:$49.00

Delicious juicy lemons from California! Great for juicing, cooking, or adding a squeeze or two to any dish. Wonderful gift to send to anyone.... More 

NEW! Opus One Bordeaux Blend


Oritz Price:$399.00

The winery was founded as a joint venture between Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Château Mouton Rothschild and Robert Mondavi to create a single... More 

Noria Wines


Oritz Price:$175.00

Noria Wines Beautiful California wines that pairs nicely with Japanese food and any delicate cuisine. Pinot Noir /Chardonnay 750ml (Sonoma)   More 

Premium Roll Cake Set

CODE: Q170

Oritz Price:$65.00

  Origin: Japan Content: Custard (5in) x 1       Chocolate (5in) x 1      More 

Japanese Baked Sweets Set

CODE: Q171

Oritz Price:$59.00

  Origin: Kobe, Japan Content: Financier x 4, Madeleine x 4, Pound Cake x 1      More 

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