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New Arrivals

North American Premium Matsutake


Oritz Price:$79.00

North American Matsutake is whiter and has a little stronger aroma compare to Japanese Matsutake. For the elegant and flavorful aroma, North American... More 

North American Royal Matsutake


Oritz Price:$89.00

North American Royal Matsutake is whiter in color and has a little stronger aroma compared to Japanese Matsutake.  North American Matsutake has been... More 

North American Hiraki Matsutake


Oritz Price:$54.00

*Great Value* North American Hiraki Matsutake  We would like more and more customers to enjoy the Autumn Flavor, Matsutake, so this new item is... More 

Cappucino Cheesecake & Mango Set (Q135)

CODE: Q135

Oritz Price:$85.00

  New York Cheese Cake with a creamy cappuccino center. It has a velvety texture and just enough richness that blends all the flavors together.... More 

Sliced Salami Set

CODE: G141

Oritz Price:$45.00

Our sliced salami set contains a variety of meats made the authentic way. It comes with 3 flavors including classic, black pepper and spicy that we are... More 

Brun Brun's Assorted Ice Cream Balls

CODE: Q109

Oritz Price:$67.00

  This is a perfect gift for those ice-cream lovers! Long-established, famous pastry shop called 'BRUN BRUN' in Kyoto, Japan. Chocolate coating... More 

NEW! Seghesio & Oberon Set


Oritz Price:$168.00

Normal 0 0 2 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE... More 

Sausage and Wasabi Set

CODE: G140

Oritz Price:$59.00

Give the gift of a perfect beer pairing that your friends and family will love!  A great set that comes with 5 of the top quality flavored sausages... More 

Original Cheesecake & Mango Set

CODE: Q130

Oritz Price:$85.00

  New York Cheese Cake is the famous baked Cheese Cake with delicious buttery, graham cracker crust. It's very creamy, velvety, and has just enough... More 

NEW! Cupcake


Oritz Price:$140.00

Origin :  California (Monterey) Content : Cupcake California Rosé 750ml         Cupcake Monterey... More 

100% Gold Kiwi Juice & Green Kiwi Set

CODE: P161

Oritz Price:$70.00

Our 100% Kiwi Gold juice has a refreshing flavor and is packed with nutrients of 16 gold kiwis in each bottlle! The smooth texture and delicious taste is... More 

Chocolate Fondant

CODE: Q251

Oritz Price:$43.00

Chocolate cake with a smooth molten chocolate center that is deliciously irresistible! It's a rich, decadent and bittersweet cake that is perfect for any... More 

Oritz Gift Spring Catalog 2018