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Best Selling Holiday Gifts

Spiral Ham


$135.00   Oritz Price:$128.25

OUR MOST POPULAR WINTER GIFT! A bone-in sliced ham is one of the most popular items in our list. It is already sliced and ready to serve for the party... More 

Live Homard Lobster

CODE: D01_D03

$97.00   Oritz Price:$92.15

Live Lobster is Our No.1 most popular item!Lobster is known as one of the best culinary food for its dynamic and extraordinary heaty texture! American... More 

Navel Oranges Santa Claus Box

CODE: P152

$74.00   Oritz Price:$70.30

*Seasonal Item* California Navel Oranges are now available! These are the most popular fruits in the winter, sweet and very juicy. Enjoy these... More 

Apple Tart

CODE: Q222

$66.00   Oritz Price:$62.70

  A classic and traditional spin on Apple Tart. Perfect to serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Who wouldn't love this?! Perfect gift for... More 

Wild Sockeye Sliced Smoked Salmon Fillet


$119.00   Oritz Price:$113.05

Our wild salmon from Canada is smoked to perfection. It is extremely moist, and flavorful with the rich aroma of maple leaves and rock salt. The salmon is... More 

Premium Oro Blanco Special Set

CODE: P84_P85

$59.00   Oritz Price:$56.05

*Seasonal Item* Enjoy our sweet Oro Blanco, juicy orange and perfect Grapefruit. Contents:  P84: Oro Blanco x 3pcs, Orange x 6pcs,... More 

California Premium Oro Blanco

CODE: P82, P83, P70

$58.00   Oritz Price:$52.20

*Seasonal Item* This very delicious citrus fruit is a hybrid mix of a Pumelo and grapefruit. Oro Blancos have a sweet, juicy grapefruit flavor... More 

New Year's Deluxe Arrangement


$122.00   Oritz Price:$115.90

*Seasonal Item* New Year's Deluxe Arrangement A bold statement piece that is perfect for welcoming the new year. Height 55cm、Width 50cm/... More 

Roast Beef


$69.00   Oritz Price:$65.55

Our Roast Beef became an enduring bestseller for its tenderness & juiciness!! Slice it and serve as hors d'oeuvre for parties or sandwich for family... More 

Whole Salted Sockeye Salmon


$161.00   Oritz Price:$152.95

This wild salmon from Canada is salted with natural rock salt! Perfect grilling, poaching and sautéing. -IT also makes a great gift! Origin:... More 

Hokkaido Sliced Salted Whole Salmon


$132.00   Oritz Price:$125.40

Our salmon from Hokkaido is selected by master chefs and hand sliced for easy cooking and refrigerator storage. Origin: Japan (Hokkaido)... More 

New York Cheesecake Set

CODE: Q168

$110.00   Oritz Price:$104.50

 New York Cheesecake Set One New York Cheesecake & One New York Cheesecake Cappuccino set. These are pre-cut into 14 pieces so ready to enjoy.... More 

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