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Mother's Day

Unbaked Cheesecake

CODE: Q196

Oritz Price:$65.00

  Rich and creamy, unbaked cheesecake. Instead of using a sponge cake this cake has a buttery, delicious pound cake material which allows for a moist... More 

New York Cheesecake Set

CODE: Q168

Oritz Price:$110.00

 New York Cheesecake Set One New York Cheesecake & One New York Cheesecake Cappuccino set. These are pre-cut into 14 pieces so ready to enjoy.... More 

New York Cheesecake

CODE: Q151

Oritz Price:$68.00

  Delicious creamy and rich New York Cheese Cake with a crumbly graham cracker crust that's perfectly matched.  These are pre-cut into 14... More 

New York Cheesecake Cappuccino

CODE: Q167

Oritz Price:$68.00

New York Cheesecake Cappuccino A delicious New York Cheese Cake with a creamy cappuccino center. These are pre-cut into 14 pieces, a great gift for a... More 

Melon & Flower Arrangement


Oritz Price:$103.00

High-class fancy melon and beautiful flower basket combination makes an excellent gift to your special ones for any occasions. This Muskmelon is known as... More 

Maple Gift Set: Maple Jelly, Maple Spread, Maple Sugar

CODE: Q224

Oritz Price:$47.00

  Our Maple Gift Set is 100% pure, natural Canadian maple set! The 3 piece set comes with Maple Jelly, Maple Spread and Maple Sugar. ... More 

Cappucino Cheesecake & Mango Set (Q135)

CODE: Q135

Oritz Price:$85.00

  New York Cheese Cake with a creamy cappuccino center. It has a velvety texture and just enough richness that blends all the flavors together.... More 

Happiness Bouquet for Mom

CODE: U500

Oritz Price:$100.00

Send your mother a bouquet of brilliant colored carnation to show her your love and appreciation.  It's a stunning bouquet made with 20 carnations... More 

Maple Syrup Gift Set

CODE: Q225

Oritz Price:$49.00
iOS 5 / 200

This maple syrup, which is referred to as the Golden Blonde Quebec is the highest quality of syrup from the La Ferme multi- net, the number one premium... More 

Brun Brun's Assorted Ice Cream Balls

CODE: Q109

Oritz Price:$61.00

  This is a perfect gift for those ice-cream lovers! Long-established, famous pastry shop called 'BRUN BRUN' in Kyoto, Japan. Chocolate coating... More 

Mother's Day Heart Arrangement (Red)

CODE: U502

Oritz Price:$80.00

A cute arrangement of carnations with a big red heart container. Content : Width 7.8in , Height 12.5in Order Deadline : May 1st... More 

Mother's Day Japanese-Inspired Arrangement

CODE: U505

Oritz Price:$90.00

Content : Width 13.8in , Height 15.7in Order Deadline : May 1st Delivery: May 8th to May 12th  ... More 

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