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Whole Salted Sockeye Salmon


Oritz Price:$161.00

This wild salmon from Canada is salted with natural rock salt! Perfect grilling, poaching and sautéing. -IT also makes a great gift! Origin:... More 

Maple Syrup Gift Set

CODE: Q225

Oritz Price:$49.00
iOS 5 / 200

This maple syrup, which is referred to as the Golden Blonde Quebec is the highest quality of syrup from the La Ferme multi- net, the number one premium... More 

Snow Crab Claw & Sweet Shrimp Set


Oritz Price:$141.00

Here is the long lasting bestseller!! Sweet Shrimp is so rich, melt-in-moouth, and has firm meat. Crab Claw, the most meaty part of crab, is quick-freezed... More 

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