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Kanefuku Tarako & Mentaiko (Kiriko)



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Enjoy both Tarako and Mentaiko with this set!

Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe)

Mentaiko is a very popular delicacy in Japan. They are made by marinating pollock roes in powdered chili and spices, which gives it its rich umami flavor and distinctive red color. It can be eaten on its own, served on rice, noodles, and are also a popular ingredient in pasta and onigiri (rice balls).

Tarako (Salted Cod Roe)

Tarako are raw pollock roes seasoned with just salt and are often neutral pink or beige in color. It is a versatile roe also found in Korean and Russian cuisine.


BB264: Mentaiko & Tarako 145g x 2 each


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