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Premium Shio Kazunoko

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Delicious premium kazunoko from Japan’s best kazunoko brand “Yamani”

Yamani’s kazunoko from Canada and America is carefully selected one by one by the skilled employees. This shio kazunoko is top grade in size, color, shape and texture. Surprise your loved ones with the best shio kazunoko in Japan.

Origin: Canada/USA

Contents: Premium Shio Kazunoko:500g/1.1lb

Deliverey Method: Frozen

Preparation Direction

Shio kazunoko is prepared with salt to maintain its flavor. Please remove out the salt before enjoying this Japanese delicacy.

1.       Wash the kazunoko and soak in water with a pinch of salt for about 6-8 hours

2.       Remove thin layer of film from the kazunoko and let the kazunko soak in the water for another 6-8hours

3.       Taste the kazunoko and see if the saltiness disappeared. Once it is slightly salty it is ready to serve,  

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