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Premium Uni Set

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Our red sea urchin has been caught off of the coasts of Santa Barbara, California, the mecca for sea urchin production. They are typically larger and sweeter than their Japanese cousins. Its consumption has been encouraged to curb their destrutive grazing on kelp. This exquisite product is also served in the first class of Japan’s flag carrier, and has been sought out internationally for their guilt-free and superior fresh quality. 

Premium Fresh Uni

This premium uni is cleaned sorted for consistent size and superior taste and color. 

Marinated Uni

Fresh uni are marinated in a kelp-based soy sauce to enrich its natural umami flavors. 

Uni Ruibe

“Ruibe” is a traditional dish of the Ainu in Northern Japan and delicious to serve frozen. The uni is frozen after being marinated with a kelp seasoned soy sauce. Slice like sashimi and serve with soy sauce.

Origin: Santa Barbara, California

Contents:  375g/13.2oz 

Premium Fresh Uni 100g
Uni Shutou Original  65g
Uni Shutou Chili 65g
Uni Shutou Yuzu Chili  65g

Ruibe 70g

【How to store】

Please keep refrigerated and serve while fresh.

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