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Convenient great deal! If you would like to send fruits gift when they are the best! I forgot to order and the seasonal fruits are all out... If you are one of them, then this Fruits Club is the perfect choice for you! Once you order, we will deliver 5 seasonal fruits in different months when the fruits are in best quality. We seleceted most popular fruits from our list, so we are sure your family and friends would love them as well.

【About Fruits Club】

This Fruits Club has 5 shippings for one year with one time order. It is not neccessary to call us each month. Depending on when you order, it starts from the closest month. Item cannot be substituted with others.

Ex: If you order in August, your Fruits Club starts from September (Honeydew Melon) and ends July in the following year with Bing and Rainier Cherry.


【February】 Royal Navel Orange 20pcs. / California
The sweeter and juicier orange in this time is Navel. It gets very sweet and contains plenty of Vitamin C!! To fight back cold or flu, it is always nice to receive oranges for gift.
【April】 Ruby Red Grapefruit 12pcs. / Florida
We specially select Ruby kind for our grapefruits from Florida. Not only its taste and quality, we pick the large size to send. No wonder so many returning customers for this Ruby Grapefruits!
【July】 Bing & Rainier Cherry 1.1lb each / Washington
Our No.1 popularity for summer fruits! The best quality from Washington is so delicious that nothing can be compared. Its intensely sweet vibrant flavor is the reason for its popularity.
【September】 Honeydew Melon 2pcs. / California
Honeydew is only available for short time of period during summer, so this Fruit Club could be very convenient! To fight the intense summer heat and to keep hydrated, Honeydew is the best.
【December】 Hawaiian Papaya 3pcs.
Our Hawaiian Papaya has a pleasing aroma and hearty sweetness and will arrive ripe and yellow. Serve with a sprinkle of lemon juice to enhance its flavor.

* Estimate Delivery 

                  February: Navel Orange
                  April: Ruby Grapefruit
                  July: Washington Bing and Rainier Cherry
                  September: Honeydew Melon
                  December:  Mango


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