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Washington Premium Rainier Cherries

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500g / 1.1 lb (W06)

Rainier cherries are beautiful pastel yellow with a blush of vermillion. Its delicate sweetness will linger after every bite! Enjoy these firm and juicy Washington cherries during peak cherry season. Each premium cherry measures over 1" (25mm).


Country of Origin:USA (Washington)


W06: 500g (1.1lb) Original Price $55  SALE! $49

W07: 1kg (2.2lb) Original Price $73  SALE! $65

W08: 2kg (4.4lb) Original Price $123  SALE! $110

W09: 3kg (6.6lb) Original Price $166  SALE! $149

W31: 4kg (8.8b) Original Price $177  SALE! $159

W41: 6kg (13.2lb) Original Price $255  SALE! $229

Order Deadline:Early July

Estimate DeliveryLate June to July

◆ 1.1lb serves approximately 1-2 persons

◆ No specific delivery date can be requested.

◆ With your accumulated royal points, you can get additional discount, however, no points will be given for this cherry orders.

◆ This delivery is estimated time. Depends on weather condition, shipment may not start from late June as indicated. Also, since we will ship your orders based on quality availability, unfortunately we will not be able to ship on any specific date.

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