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Oranges (L) & Grapefruits (L)

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Oritz Price:$54.00 ( Free Shipping/Tax Included )

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P10 Orange 5pcs / Grapefruit 6pcs

Delivery can take 7-10 business days. *You can request a specific delivery date 10 days after order date by email or phone. *To Okinawa, $15 shipping fee per item will be charged.  


Express Delivery (within 5 business days) is available for an additional $15 per item

This combination of two favorite fruits is perfect for anyone, especially for this holiday season! We proudly present this sweet and juicy citrus as our No.3 best selling item. They are simply the best!

Country of Origin:

Oranges: California / South Africa / Australia

Grapefruits: Florida /  South Africa / Swaziland / Mexico


P10: OR (5 pcs) , GF (6 pcs)

P11: OR (10 pcs) , GF (5 pcs)

P12: OR (16 pcs) , GF (8 pcs)

P13: OR (23 pcs) , GF (12 pcs)


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