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Snow Crab

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1.3lb x 2 (D14)

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We only pick the premium crabs from Nova Scotia's famous large crabs, which are widely known for their succulent & delicious crabs. To keep its freshness, we boil crabs alive and pack immediately after. Please enjoy our sweet and hearty Snow Crab!

Origin: Canada

D14: 1lb (600g) x 2
D15: 1lb (600g) x 3

Delivery Condition: Cool

【How to Prepare】

  • Flip the crab of shell upside down and thaw slowly in the fridge.
  • Fluid will drip from the crab, so please make sure to put it on a plate while thawing.
  • Approximate thawing time is about a half to a whole day.
  • In hurry, put the frozen crab in a plastic bag not to get wet and immerse in cold or warm water.
  • Please avoid preheating or over steaming the crab because it will lose the delicious juice and flavor.
  • Do not microwave, the crab meat will get dried out.

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