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Jumbo Live Lobster

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2pcs (D67)

Delivery can take 7-10 business days. *You can request a specific delivery date 10 days after order date by email or phone. *To Okinawa, $15 shipping fee per item will be charged.  


Express Delivery (within 5 business days) is available for an additional $15 per item

This Jumbo Homard Lobster is 1.4 times bigger than the regular size! They are delivered when its still alive, so you can enjoy the freshest gourmet of seafood. If this is first time cooking this live Lobster, we have cute "lobster cracker" available under Lobster & Shrimp category.

*Due to the nature of this product, thje recipient's phone number is required for this item


1 Lobster = Approx. 1.3 lb (600g)
(Cooking instruction is included)

D67: 2 lobsters
D68: 3 lobsters
D90: 4 lobsters
D91: 5 lobsters
D92: 6 lobsters

Delivery Condition: Cool

【How to serve】

Boil  …  In a pan, put water plenty enough for the whole lobster to be covered. Add a little bit of salt and boil the water, then put lobsters. Boil them for as you would like (5-6 minutes for Rare, 7-9 minutes for Medium, 10-12 minutes for Well-done). After you take the lobster out from the hot water, put it in the ice water immediately. Crack its shell and serve the inside meat with garlic and melted butter or Ponzu sauce.

Sashimi  … Slice the raw lobster meat and serve as raw sashimi.


It is the best to cook right after the delivery, but the lobster can be wrapped gently with soaked water newspaper and kept in the fridge for 1 or no more than 2 days. Please do not put them in fresh water because lobster will die quickly and lose its flavor.

【At the delivery】

When you place an order, please make sure you write recipient's phone number (home, work, or cell phone number). Since we deliver the lobster alive, we will contact recipients to make sure they will be home and able to receive it at the delivery.

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