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Whole Salami Set

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3 kinds/1 ea (G68)

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Savor the moment with California salami, made with only the finest ingredients using time-honored techniques. Perfect for picnics and party platters, enjoy three kinds of salami in this wonderful set.

Origin: United States

Contents: 1 pc = 8 oz (Chub) ※ This item is not sliced.

G68: Peppered, Herb, Italian x 1 each
G69: Peppered, Herb, Italian x 2 each

Delivery Condition: Cool


【How to Store】

Refrigerate after opening and use as soon as possible.

◇ Italian

100% US pork. Ground black pepper adds great spice and this is the real taste of Italian salami. Its simple and delicate flavor is matching great with fresh warm bread and blue cheese.

◇ Peppered

This is Salami coated with hot spicy pepper. By using the whole dried peppers, it adds great elegant flavor to the Salami. Go great with Beer, marinated mushrooms, and mild cheese.

◇ Herb

With a little bit of spice, bright, and aromatic French herbs are just fine! Lots of mixed herbs covers the entire Salami. Red Wine, cheese, and beer pairs nicely!


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