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Wild Smoked Salmon

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King 2pkgs / Sockeye 2pkgs (D53)

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Our top-grade fresh salmon has been smoked to perfection. It pairs well with sake or can be served marinated, in a sandwich, or even in chirashi zushi.

The rich and delectable King Salmon is highest in good fats, including the anti-inflammatory Omega-3. The Sockeye Salmon is also high in good fats, delicious with a cleaner aftertaste and more vibrant in color.

Origin: Canada


King: 3.5oz (100g)
Sockeye: 3.5oz (100g) (Cooking instruction included)

D53: King 2pkgs, Sockeye 2pkgs
D55: Sockeye 3pkgs
D57: King 5pkgs

Delivery Condition: Cool

【Serving tips】

  • Put thin-sliced onion, caper, olive on top and squeeze lemon
  • With lettus, cucumber, red onion, and your favorite vegetable as salad and enjoy with mayonnaise or italian dressing
  • Spread mayonnaise on a loaf of bread and put Smoked Salmon and vegetables for a delicious sandwich
  • For hand roll and Chirashi Sushi.
  • With cream cheese for bagel sandwich

【How to Thaw】

Thaw not in room tempurature, but move the package from freezer to refrigerator. In this way, the meat will not lose its flavor and juice.

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