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Sirloin Steak

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8oz x 3pcs (GG01)

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Satisfy your appetite with out top quality steak! Sirloin is the most delicious and expensive part of beef. It is very popular sirloin and served at many restaurant in the US.

Special Wrapping (FUROSHIKI)

Special gift wrapping only for Steaks and Sukiyaki meat. As congratulation gift to your special ones or seasonal greeting gift, we will wrap gift with traditional Japanese Furoshiki wrapping cloth to show your special care and appreciation.

Gift wrap is available with additional $10.00 per item. If you wish to add, please choose item code with gift wrapping (item code with "A") from each meat section.

Origin:United States

Contents: 1 pc = 8 oz.(226g)

GG01: 3 pcs
GG02: 4 pcs
GG03: 5 pcs

GG01A: 3 pcs + Furoshiki Gift Wrapping
GG02A: 4 pcs + Furoshiki Gift Wrapping
GG03A: 5 pcs + Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

Delivery Condition:Cool

【How to cook delicious steak】

  1. Thaw
    Slowly thaw in the refrigerator for about 12 hours.
  2. Wait until it gets to room temperature
    About 30 minutes prior to cooking, take the steak out from the refrigerator and wait until it gets to the room temperature. If you start cooking while the center of meat is still cold, the meat doesn't get cooked through or burned outside.
  3. Slice the fibrous part
    Sometimes, Sirloin or Rib Eye has fibrous part between red meat and fat. If there is a hard fibrous, then slice it vertically to the fibrous runs.
  4. Seasoning
    Before you grill the steak, sprinkle salt and pepper to season. It is very simple and light seasoning, but it is also the best way to fully enjoy and taste the flavor of meat!
  5. Grilling
    Heat a pan long enough and grill at high heat with a tea spoon of butter until the surface turns to golden. Then, lower the heat and grill until the juice comes out a little bit both sides. To know how much it cooks through is whether it is as tender as your ear lobe, and it is medium rare. If you like to add flavor with wine or brandy, sprinkle it on top after you flip the steak. When you filp the meat so many times, the juice and delicious flavor will come out, so not recommend it.
  6. Serve while it is still hot!

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