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Tropical Variety Set

To Japan


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It's a fruit-lover's dream filled with Oranges, Grapefruits and Tropical fruits! Smaller portion and variety of fruits are combined to please your loved ones. For someone who loves to have little bit of everything, this would be the perfect gift box! They will not get tired.

Country of Origin:

Orange: California / South Africa / Australia

Grapefruit: Florida  / South Africa

Hawaiian Papaya: Hawaii

Mango: Philippines

Pineapple: Philippines

Kiwi: New Zealand

Lemon: United States / Chile


Orange (3 pcs)

Grapefruit (2 pcs)

Hawaiian Papaya (1 pcs)

Mango (1 pcs)

Pineapple (1 pcs )

Kiwi (2 pcs)

Lemon (1 pcs)


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